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Starting May 1, 2024: Flat work in the required front yard will require a Concrete Permit to ensure that pavement does not exceed one-half (1/2) the area of the front yard setback or 600 square feet, whichever is less. Please click HERE to review the adopted ordinance. For more information, please call 817-459-6502 and ask to speak to the Planner of the Day.

Starting March 1, 2024: Arlington Water Utilities is changing the way builders receive water during residential construction. To read the full text of Arlington Water Utilities policy regarding Water Service Availability please click HERE to visit ArlingtonTX.gov/water and click on the Engineers, Builders, and Contractors tab.

Starting March 1, 2024: Solar Companies will only be required to have one type of contractor registration, which will be an Electrical Contractor Registration. Click HERE for Registration Requirements for Contractors. Click HERE for FAQs.

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If you did not use a PIN Number provided by the city, then your registration record must not be associated with your existing permit, license, or registration. Please contact the city and someone can associate your records with your new registration account.
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  • Credit Cards
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